At Body By Brittany, we believe in three things: weights, cupcakes, and as little cardio as possible. That’s why you’ll find our team and trainers focus on the most important parts of any fitness program-Nutrition and Strength Building (Head over to the Nutrition Page to find out how we eat)!

It’s a pretty common misconception that in order to get fit or reach your goals, you must be constantly hungry and work the treadmill, elliptical, or stairmaster to death. The truth lies here and in what we at Body By Brittany employ on the basis of science: Your body burns more calories at rest the more muscle mass you have and cardio, though necessary to a small degree, is NOT the answer for the body you want.

“BUT WAIT! I don’t want to have huge, manly looking muscles!”

Great, because as a woman, you CANNOT and WILL NOT ever put on that much muscle mass without anabolic steroids! Believe us. We’ve been trying to get gains for YEARS.

So, how does this all work?

Simply. As women, we are told through Cosmo, social media, and the latest and greatest cyclic 6-week program on late-night infomercials that if we bounce around and eat food out of pre-portioned containers, we’ll get fit! The problem is that when those few weeks and all of your bouncing around is over, you’ll rebound (Most of what you lose is water weight, anyway). What’s worse is that those types of programs aren’t sustainable in the longer term. You can’t do 20 minute programs forever, and you can’t eat of out portioned containers everywhere you go for the rest of your life. Have you been here and done this? We have. And we know there is a BETTER way.

Bring on the weights.

We focus on functional and foundation weight lifting. You’ll learn how to squat with a barbell, curl with dumbbells, deadlift, and use those dang scary cable machines! Science says that the most efficient way to burn calories us to USE your muscles. You can burn more calories in a ½ hour weight lifting session than dedicating 30 minutes to the treadmill.

Futhermore, being “thin” is not what we’re after. Here, our motto is FIT, not skinny. What does that mean? Well, any program will work for a period of time if your goal is to lose weight and lose weight you will if you’re in a calorie deficit. Again, that’s just science. But losing fat won’t always give you the body shape you desire. We build our shapes at Body By Brittany. We squat to plump up our backsides. We work out our hamstrings to give our legs a feminine, curvy look. We grow our shoulders to make our waists look small and do biceps curls to get rid of bye-bye arm! Strength training is fat loss AND shape building all at the same time!